New Moon in Cancer ~ SOLAR ECLIPSE ~ Intuition & Emotional Shifts!

J-Ma’s Moon Influences



THURSDAY, JULY 12th 2018

7:48pm {pacific time}

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ALL New Moons have the strongest effect on us 3 days prior and up to 3 days after

The Moon is New in Cancer at 20°, in the sign of the Crab, on Thursday, July 12h, at 7:48pm {pst}
New Moons are a time of starting over, new beginnings, taking action steps towards your dreams and goals, creating and renewal!



Solar Eclipse is a time where the moon blocks the light of the sun for a period of time. During this time our solar energy is blocked. Habits and personality traits have the opportunity to be wiped clean. A fresh start is possible in a bigger way as the Solar Eclipse adds extra power to the New Moon’s energy. This is A COSMIC RESET and your chance to WIPE THE SLATE CLEAN. This is your Solar Detoxification!

This New Moon is connected to the Sun in Cancer. Anytime there is a New Moon it is directly connected {Conjunct} to the Sun.  Cancer is about Emotions, Intuition, Caution, Tradition, Affection, Nurturing, Sympathy, Home and Family. It can also bring about Touchiness, Hypersensitivity, Crying, Shrewdness, Too Cautious, and Clinginess.


What do you care about?

Are you being too sensitive and controlling?

How can you feel into the changes instead of hiding or staying in your comfortable little rut?


Full Moon in Capricorn ~ Stepping Up & Breaking Through

J-Ma’s Moon Influences


WENESDAY, June 27th 2018

9:53pm {pacific time}

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ALL Full Moons have the strongest effect on us 3 days prior and up to 3 days after
This Full Moon is Full in Capricorn at 6°, the sign of the Seagoat, on Wednesday, June 27th, at 9:53pm {pacific time}. 

Full Moons are a time of Manifestation, Contemplation, Balance, Realization and Letting Go!

This Full Moon in CAPRICORN is opposite our Sun in CANCER. Capricorn is an Earth sign that is about being Serious, Diligent, Resilient, Authoritative, Career-Focused, Humorous, and Practical.  This energy can also be Heavy, Harsh, Competitive, Painstaking, Pessimistic, Miserable, and Cold. 

Anytime a Full Moon is here we need to focus on BALANCE. Our goal is to balance the opposite energies of the Sun {personality/character} and the Moon {Mood/Emotions} as they oppose each other in the sky, pushing and pulling in opposite directions, this puts our energy at odds. 


Are you being too Harsh on yourself or others?
Can you Work Hard but still find time to balance for your Family and Inner Needs?
Are you bringing in Warmth, Care and Understanding into your relationships or are you being Cold and Distant?


New MoOn in Gemini ~ A Fortunate Breeze Blows

J-Ma’s Moon Influences



12:43pm {pacific time}

NM Gemini Ciro Marchetti Fine ARt America

Picture by Ciro Marchetti from Fine ARt America

ALL New Moons have the strongest effect on us 3 days prior and up to 3 days after

The Moon is New in Gemini at 22°, the sign of the Twins, on Wednesday, June 13th, at 12:43pm {pdt}
New Moons are a time of starting over, new beginnings, taking action steps towards your dreams and goals, creating and renewal!


This New Moon is connected to the Sun in Gemini. Gemini is about Versatility, Variety, Objectiveness, Changeability, Fun, Communication, Learning, and Curiosity. It also brings about Nervous Energy, Tension, Inconsistency, and Fickleness.


What can your current Circumstances Teach You?


How are you communicating to Your Self and Others?


Are you having fun?


 The desire to communicate and socialize is strong at the time of this New Moon but if certain things are inhibiting you socializing or expressing yourself verbally then write it down. This is a good time to write down everything you are feeling and wanting to express. Journal.

You’re thinking isn’t SUPER clear right now and could be influenced by emotions or your desire to see things in a certain way instead of how they really are. If you’re feeling vulnerable or allowing your emotions to get the best of you, you could end up being blind-sided or deceived. Just pay attention to the details so that you are not mislead.

With Mercury Opposing Saturn if you let negative thoughts get the best of you, you could fall deep into depression, self-doubt, and cynicism. Mercury Sextile Uranus brings exciting news that you didn’t see coming. This energy could play out in a number of ways but either way the news would come from out of the blue. You could have flashes of insight now and Intuition and Psychic abilities will be heightened. This influence can help you to see things from a different point of view. This is what you want to practice when you find heaviness of mind and insecurites taking over. 

Use your imagination in healthy ways. Journal. Color. Paint. Read. Study any topic you are interested in, immerse yourself in it. Take a class. Write a story. Sleep if you need to. Insights and Enlightenment could come to you through your dreams while you sleep. 

There is a fortunate breeze blowing. If you can only change the way you are thinking about what is happening. You need to be able to shift your mindset and write a different story. It may be in your best interest to reframe your current circumstances and see the ways in which you are lucky and blessed when you look at things from a different side of the fence. The New Moon in Gemini tells us, You may just need to lighten up, let life happen, and occupy your mind with empowering habits and thoughts. Then, maybe you will see that things really aren’t that bad. In fact, this new direction might just be the lucky break you were looking for, only in a different package. 



ARIES– Learning, Teaching, Brothers/Sisters, Neighbors, Communication & Networking

TAURUS– Values, Self-Worth, Material Possessions & Money Earned

GEMINI– Self, Life Force, How you exert your Will, Personality & Image

CANCER– Dreams, Spirituality, Subconscious Mind, Hospitals, Prisons & Karma

LEO– Community, Humanitarianism, Social Circle, Hopes & Wishes

VIRGO– Career, Life Direction, Public Reputation, & the Father

LIBRA– Higher Mind, Philosophy, Beliefs, Foreigners/Foreign Land, Expansion & Growth

SCORPIO– Death & Rebirth, Transformation, Intensity, Secrets, Inheritance, Attachments, Joint Finances & Sex

SAGITTARIUS– Relationships, Marriage & Business Partnerships, Politics & Legal Contracts

CAPRICORN– Health, Daily Habits & Routines, Work & Co-workers

AQUARIUS–  Love & Romance, Creativity/Creative Projects & Children

PISCES– Home, Family, Past Conditioning, Emotions, Internal World, & the Mother


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