FULL SUPERmoon ECLIPSE in LEO ~ Communication Confusion. Feelings vs. Logic

J-Ma’s Moon Influences


SUNDAY, January 20th 2019

9:16pm {pacific time}

leo art from aliexpress. com

ALL Full Moons have the strongest effect on us 3 days prior and up to 3 days after
This Moon is Full at 0° in Leo, the sign of the Lion, on Sunday, January 20th, at 9:16pm {pacific time}. 

Full Moons are a time of Manifestation, Contemplation, Balance, Realization and Letting Go!



Eclipses are always a time of change. A Lunar Eclipse is a powerful time and one that allows us the opportunity to really gain some deep clarity, improve our consciousness and wipe our slate clean! We are able to go even deeper in reprogramming old ways of being than before. Eclipses are turning points for us to move forward even further and faster IF we can embrace and face our feelings and what needs to change and be released.


Time to PURIFY and CLEANSE yourself of any emotions or actions that are keeping you in a FUNK. Self-Reflect & PURGE. Certain Emotions may be keeping you in a competitive, selfish state that is full of drama and ego. Through hardship and strife? Or patience and ease? That is up to you.

This Full Moon in LEO will be opposite our Sun in AQUARIUS. LEO is a FIRE sign and this energy is Dramatic, Creative, Affectionate, Courageous, Likable, Determined, Regal, Expressive, Fun, Warm, Heart-Centered, Generous, and Sincere. It can also be Egotistical, Unrelenting, Loud, Opinionated, Bossy, Lazy, Childish, and Pompous.

Anytime a Full Moon is here we need to focus on BALANCE. Our goal is to balance the opposite energies of the Sun {personality/character} and the Moon {Mood/Emotions} as they oppose each other in the sky, pushing and pulling in opposite directions, this puts our energy at odds. 

Are you blowing things out of proportion?
Do you feel comfortable in your own skin?
Can you breakthrough the limitations of your Ego and Pride and seek understanding?


This full moon happens to be a SUPER MOON which means that the intensity level is heightened. It’s a time when the moon is brighter and closer to the Earth than usual and we are said to be able to feel its magical magnetic pull even stronger and more potent.

At the time of this SUPERmoon Eclipse in Leo nervous tensions are high. But there are a MIX of opposites at this time. So one minute it could feel like everything is falling apart and the next it could feel as if you just hit the jackpot.

There may be much back and forth between trying to determine if you are being logical or emotional and finding the balance between the two. Clarity is found when you can equally balance the two. Communicating how you feel in reasonable and rational way is key and with the full moon in the most dramatic sign of the zodiac that may not come super easily. Be careful you are not overdramatizing situations and use your passion and heart to create intentionally. Notice what emotions may be holding you back and spend some time in reflection or seek someone who understands and can give you sound advice as much inner conflict can present itself. Sensitivity is high, Anxiety is high, and emotional outbursts are likely. Stimulating experiences and changeable moods could come on quickly and leave just as fast. There is a need for excitment and new experiences. You could take bigger risks than usual. But make sure you don’t make any big decisions until this Full Moon’s energy fades or you may look back in regret.

There is communication confusion at the time of this Full Moon so you may be reading things wrong. You will likely be feeling uncertain and unsure. Switching back and forth between this or that, yes or no, better or worse. It’s as if there is a sense that something is around the corner about to pop out at you and the uncertainty doesn’t do much to soothe your nerves. You can create positive changes in your life if you stay open and flexible. However, there is some rigidity present at this time and you must stay aware in order to break through. Release your grip. You want to express all of your eccentricities with free reign to be completely yourself. But, first YOU must be the one to come to terms with who you are. Acceptance of all of your unique feelings, desires, and idiosyncrasies.

There is so much that can change quickly right now and with that could come alot of frustration and a feeling of overwhelm. This Full Moon is going to be Big, Bold, and Intense. Darker issues are under review, Addiction, Criminal Activities, issues around Power and Control, and impulsive destructive behavior that can seem to come out of nowhere. You can also gain some deep insight into who you truly are and begin to understand more about yourself, others, and your relationships on a much deeper level. There is a BIG transformation at play. Which way will you direct it? Investigate your deeper feelings. Complexities within yourself and in your relationships have the opportunity to bring you much more clarity if you are willing to look beneath the external, the show, what is shown outwardly.

With that said, you can make quite a bit of progress within relationships if you are willing to tap into your softer, more receptive side. Venus trine Mars helps you to speak your truth in a way that is honest and still pleasing. So, you’re able to make some progress by being courageous and direct enough to be yourself and see things from a different perspective.

After the Full Moon peaks you could start to feel like you are having a great time. Fun, Play, Abundance, Growth are all possibilities. Relationships are important right now and if you had a breakthrough, instead of a breakup, you will be feeling carefree and adventurous. If you experienced the opposite there still may be some ways in which you are blessed and really able to see the good that came from any struggle. You could want to spend money or you could receive some money that you didn’t think would come. No matter how much progress you feel you have made in love, wait it out. Enjoy yourself while you’re waiting it out but, wait it out. You may not be seeing things or the other person clearly and could be disappointed later on. There are energies at play that could stifle your progress and cause you to feel frustrated and competitive. But, if you stay flexible and patient you will get through it. Be sensible and realistic and you will gain Spiritual Growth, Maturity, and Wisdom.

Awareness of your limitations won’t bring you down it will only show you where to put your focus. Stay optimistic and remember your strengths. Do your best not to take anything too seriously. The way in which this Full Moon plays out all has to do with the choices you have made this past year, up to this point.

I repeat, THIS IS NOT A GOOD TIME TO MAKE ANY IMPORTANT DECISIONS. Wait. Breathe. Be Patient. Try to have some fun. 



ARIES – Self-Expression, Self-Consciousness, Pride, Fun, Hobbies, Recognition, Limelight, Love, Romance, Creativity & Creative Projects, Sports, Risk & Venture, and Children

TAURUS – Home, Real Estate/Property, Your Family, Foundation, Where you hold things in, Past Conditioning, Emotions, Internal World, and Parents-particularly the Mother.

GEMINI – Learning, Teaching/Teachers, Thinking, Searches, Investigation, Inquiries, Gossip, Brothers/Sisters, Neighbors, Short Trips, Communication & Networking

CANCER – Values, Self-Worth/Self-Esteem, How we Own or Possess, Material Possessions & Money Earned.

LEO – Self, Physical Body, Head, Your Mask/Facade, Persona and what Others See of us, Life Force, How you exert your Will, Personality & Identity.

VIRGO – Dreams, Caring for the Disadvantaged and Less Fortunate, Connection to God, Spirituality and the Universe, Subconscious Mind, Hidden Faults, Behind the Scenes, Hospitals, Prisons & Karmic Debt

LIBRA – Community, Groups and Teams, Humanity and Humanitarianism, Social Circle, Friends, Hopes & Wishes, Putting your vision into Action, Identification with a Cause.

SCORPIO – Career, Life Direction, Your Role in Society, Highest Aspirations, Responsibility, Authority, Government, Judges, Police/Law Enforcement, Public Reputation, and Parents-particularly the Father.

SAGITTARIUS – Higher Mind, Higher Education, Philosophy, Religion, Beliefs, Search for Truth and Meaning, Foreigners/Foreign Land, Expansion & Growth, Long Distance Travel, Visions for the Future, Law, and Wanderlust.

CAPRICORN – Death & Rebirth, Transformation, Intensity, Intimacy and merging with another, Financial Union, Secrets, Inheritance, Attachments, Psychological Inquiry, What you need from others, Joint Finances & Sex.

AQUARIUS –  Partnerships and Relationships, Marriage & Business Partnerships, Yoga, Unity, Harmony, Politics & Legal Contracts, Counseling, and Cooperation.

PISCES – Health, Daily Habits & Routines, Service, Maintenance, Preservation, Taking care of the Body, Criticism, Craft, Purification, Work & Co-workers, Practice, Application, and Organization


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(Gemstone recommendations by Laura Wiegel)

Bloodstone: connects you to the Blood Moon energies. Helps to purify and detoxify the body. Great for grounding. Blood stone dispels unwanted negative energy and helps to balance the yin / yang energies.
Citrine: The Money Stone, Citrine is also great with helping you to step into you power, attracting good fortune and success to your business.
Smokey Quartz: It helps with releasing what is no longer serving you.

© Written by J-Ma, Cosmic Yoga Coach

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J-Ma’s Moon Influences



5:28pm {pacific time}

capricorn art

ALL New Moons have the strongest effect on us 3 days prior and up to 3 days after

The Moon is New in Capricorn at 15°, in the sign of the Sea Goat, on Saturday, January 5th, at 5:28pm {pst}
New Moons are a time of starting over, new beginnings, taking action steps towards your dreams and goals, creating and renewal!



This is the first ECLIPSE of 2019! A Solar Eclipse is a time where the moon blocks the light of the sun for a period of time. During this time our solar energy is blocked. Habits and personality traits have the opportunity to be wiped clean. A fresh start is possible in a bigger way as the Solar Eclipse adds extra power to the New Moon’s energy. This is A COSMIC RESET and your chance to WIPE THE SLATE CLEAN. This is your Solar Detoxification!

This New Moon is connected to the Sun in Capricorn. Anytime there is a New Moon it is directly connected {Conjunct} to the Sun. Capricorn energy is Serious, Careful, Practical, Competent, Structured, Dependable, Reserved, Ambitious, Goal-Oriented, Patient, Productive, Disciplined, Sophisticated, and Humurous in a dry kind of way. It can also bring about Misery, Doubt, Loneliness, Grudges, Rigidity, Pessimism, Insecurity, Limitations, Depression, and Narrow Mindedness.


In what way or in what areas of life do you need to GROW UP?
Can you choose emotional maturity before overreacting?
Will you allow yourself to be vulnerable in order to make progress?


FULL MOON IN CANCER & the WINTER SOLSTICE ~ Self-Reflection, Intuition, and Regeneration

J-Ma’s Moon Influences


SATURDAY, December 22nd 2018

9:49am {pacific time}

Cancer Art Carolina Espinosa

Cancer Art by Carolina Espinosa starsignstyle.com

ALL Full Moons have the strongest effect on us 3 days prior and up to 3 days after
This Moon is Full at 0° in Cancer, the sign of the Crab, on Saturday, December 22nd, at 9:49am {pacific time}. 

Full Moons are a time of Manifestation, Contemplation, Balance, Realization and Letting Go!


This Full Moon in CANCER will be opposite our Sun in CAPRICORN. CANCER is a wATER sign and this energy is Nurturing, Sensitive, Caretaking, Quiet, Protective, Kind, Sentimental, Shrewd, Maternal, Tenacious, Sympathetic, Intuitive, and Comforting. It can also be Brooding, Defensive, Clingy, Nostalgic, Over-Emotional, Easily Offended, Sarcastic, Insecure, Snappy, Sullen, and Smothering.

Anytime a Full Moon is here we need to focus on BALANCE. Our goal is to balance the opposite energies of the Sun {personality/character} and the Moon {Mood/Emotions} as they oppose each other in the sky, pushing and pulling in opposite directions, this puts our energy at odds. 


What do you care about and yearn for?
Have you faced your inner demons and lay in the darkness so that you may appreciate the light as it emerges within you?
Are you hiding instead of confronting what you feel?