Hello My Bleeding Heart ~ SUPER Bloody Blue Moon ECLIPSE in Leo

leo full moon
It’s a Full Moon. It’s a Blue Moon. It’s a Blood Moon. It’s a Super Moon. It’s Eclipsed.

What does that mean?!?

ALL Full Moons have the strongest effect on us 3 days prior and up to 3 days after 

A Blue Moon is used to describe the 2nd Full Moon in the same month. Being that this is a SUPER Moon means the moon is closer to the Earth, appears bigger, and has a stronger gravitational pull. In turn, increasing our sensitivities. Eclipses alone already pack a powerful punch and bring about BIG changes. Wipe the Slate Clean! Being in Leo it’s doubtful much will be subtle now.

This Full Moon is Full in Leo at 11°, the sign of the Lion, on Wednesday, January 31st , at 5:27am {pacific time}.Full Moons are a time of Manifestation, Contemplation, Balance, Realization and Letting Go!

BIG changes are on the horizon. None of us can escape that but some of us just might be affected a little more than others. Look to see if you have any planets in your chart within 2-20 degrees of Leo, fixed signs, or fire signs. If you are fixed sign or a fire sign you will be more directly impacted as well. {Aries, Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio, or Aquarius}


A Change of Heart is here and it’s necessary.


This Full Moon in LEO is opposite our Sun in AQUARIUS. Leo is a Fire sign that is about letting your creativity flourish, Big acts of love, Giving and Receiving Admiration & Affection, Living from your Heart, and Finding the fullest Expression of your Self. This energy can also bring about Unnecessary Drama, Self-Centered Behavior, Theatrical Displays, Pridefulness, and an Excessive Need for Attention.

Anytime a Full Moon is here we need to focus on BALANCE. Our goal is to balance the opposite energies of the Sun {personality/character} and the Moon {Mood/Emotions} as they oppose each other in the sky, pushing and pulling in opposite directions, this puts our energy at odds.

Balance needs to be found between giving for selfish reasons vs. giving to help the whole, Wanting to receive all of the love and attention vs. Sharing love and attention, Living from your Heart vs. Making choices with the head in order to receive approval, Blowing situations out of proportion vs. Using Logic before overreacting, Being Humble vs. Being Egotistical, Creating for the sake of creating and Fulfillment vs. Creating for Recognition.

You may find yourself feeling at odds with your creativity and self-expression. What do you value? And have you been putting value and emphasis on the things that bring you the most happiness?? It sounds so simple. Yet, often we forget to give appreciation and attention to what TRULY matters to our heart. Now is the time to let the rest go. You will know what is coming to an end.

You will know what needs to end in order for you to make room for more of what you love.You may be reflecting and making changes in your relationship to your self now AND/OR in you personal relationships. It’s highly likely of an increased need for love and affection at this time. Just be sure that the choices you make are really true to who you are. DO give attention to your heart’s calling now. Tune in and Listen.

Put your heart on the line. Let the love ooze out of you. Sure you risk heartbreak. Sure you may feel vulnerable and out of control. But, isn’t that where the REAL Courage and Strength lies? What is a life worth living if living means denying your heart’s call. Remember that whatever you want to give, you must have it TO give. So if you are feeling depleted or unable to give, fill your cup. Give to yourself. THEN, you will have what is needed to give back.

Consider where you were at the time of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo last August 2017. What has changed? Have you learned something significant about your relationships, your creativity, your passions, your self? How are you integrating this into your life in a productive way?

The Sun and Full Moon’s influence with Jupiter help you to push through the uncomfortable feeling’s you are having to get to the other side of growth. If you can shift your perspective you can Laugh through your hardships. You can dance your way through your pain. You can be reborn and come to remember that playful child that’s always been within you. You can remember that to have Power means to be PowerFULL enough to be able to find happiness and joy in any moment and under all circumstances.

Is home where the heart is? YOU are the ‘Pulse’

“If there is harmony in the house there will be order in the nation” 

I was lying awake the other night, tossing and turning. Recent events were weighing on my mind. The Orlando shooting at Pulse has been one of many heartbreaks. I began to pray, meditating on sending love to those I know are hurting, the souls that left our Earth through recent tragic events, their families, and loved ones.