What does Yoga mean?

Union, connection, bringing our desires into action, becoming One. Strengthen your body and strengthen your mind.

Yoga will bring you closer to your true nature and open you up to the growth and magnificence that is already in you.

~Sat Nam-aste


Do I have to be flexible in order to practice Yoga?

No. This is a big untruth. Would you go to the gym only because you had muscles? We practice Yoga to increase and improve flexibility, not only in our bodies but also in our minds. Every body is different and we are all flexible to different degrees.

There is no flexibility requirement. In fact, the tighter your muscles are, the more you need Yoga in your life! :)

Where did Yoga come from?

Yoga originated in India and goes back around 4-8,000 years.

What is Yoga all about? Is it a religion? Do you have to worship somebody or something?

The truth is Yoga is not a religion at all. There is no person or thing that must be worshipped in order to enjoy Yoga. Yoga is a Mind/Body experience that helps you to become more in tune with your body, breath and mind while learning to control your senses and change your habits. Eventually you will connect more closely with your inner self and cultivate a higher awareness. Whatever your religion or own beliefs are, you can practice Yoga without any worries. Yoga respects all cultures and faiths.

“Another classic definition of Yoga is ‘to be one with the divine.’ It does not matter what name we use for the divine—God, Allah, Isvara or whatever—anything that brings us closer to understanding that there is a power higher and greater than ourselves is Yoga.” ~The Heart of Yoga, T.K.V. Desikachar

What is Aum or Om and why do we chant it?

It is simply a sound that is known in Yoga as the Universal sound of oneness or connectedness. It is the “World Soul” and helps to keep the mind focused and peaceful.


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