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WEDNESDAY, October 24th 2018

9:45am {pacific time}

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Taurus art (Pinterest-Inda Carmen)

ALL Full Moons have the strongest effect on us 3 days prior and up to 3 days after
This Moon is Full at 1° in Taurus, the sign of the Bull, on Wednesday, October 24th, at 9:45am {pacific time}. 

Full Moons are a time of Manifestation, Contemplation, Balance, Realization and Letting Go!


This Full Moon in TAURUS will be opposite our Sun in SCORPIO. TAURUS is an Earth sign and this energy is Reliable, Trustworthy, Affectionate, Productive, and Security-Oriented. This energy can also be Stubborn, Comfort Seeking, Lazy, Slow Moving, Self-Indulgent, Hedonistic, Materialistic, and Possessive.

Anytime a Full Moon is here we need to focus on BALANCE. Our goal is to balance the opposite energies of the Sun {personality/character} and the Moon {Mood/Emotions} as they oppose each other in the sky, pushing and pulling in opposite directions, this puts our energy at odds. 

Have you become Complacent?
Does your Money and Finances need attention?
Are you feeling Stuck and Stagnant?

Your feelings are likely to change spontaneously for better or worse with this Full Moon in Taurus. As Uranus conjuncts the Full Moon and opposes the Sun/Venus in Scorpio. Quick shifts in perception, Sudden downloads of information in regards to patterns and habits, and mood swings are likely.

In relationships feelings are still difficult to express. Our strong desires to connect deeply and to show that conflict with your need to be independent earn your keep. A strong desire for love and affection is present but possibly feelings of it being denied are present. It’s true you want to be and do your best right now and you will go to great lengths.Venus sextile Saturn makes deep and lasting connections most important. You want to be around those you value and who appreciate and value you. The depth and commitment in your relationship {or lack of} takes precedence.

There is unexpected changes on the horizon that can rattle your nervous system. With Uranus conjunct our Full MOon and opposing the Sun conjunct Venus. There will be a tendency to resist the changes with fixed signs Taurus and Scorpio involved. Certainly they could be changes that shake up your life and leave you feeling way out of your comfort zone. BUT, there is no growth without stepping out of your comfort zone. This can definitely play out within your social circle{Uranus} or relationships{Venus}. Who’s to say you aren’t the one rattling the cage?

It is also possible to have an unexpected financial windfall come to you out of nowhere. Something that would set you up with a solid grounding and way more stability. Sun conjunct Venus can work in your favor though. Leaving you feeling friskier, more charming and seductive. You know what you want and you can get it if you put in your dedicated focus. On the opposite side of this you could be having struggles with money and finances and an unexpected bill or expense could seem to come out of nowhere. Try to stay calm if this happens. Freaking out or flying off the handle will do you no good. Take a slow and steady approach to how you are going to handle this.

Be careful that you are not operating off the shadow side of Sun conjunct Venus as this could have you being way more pushy and controlling than usual with zero room for Grace and the power of Venus’s influence. Either way, Intensity is definitely present and sexuality and sensuality are at the forefront, for good or bad.

You may also be feeling quite more social than you have been and self-indulgent, to say the least. Being liked/loved by others feels more important to you now. What you have, how many friends you accumulate, how much attention you are receiving (or not) may feel more important than usual.

You are wanting to stay comfy and secure but since this Full Moon isn’t exactly offering up much of that you will need to tap into your Strength and Patience. Cozy creature comforts can be obtained but there is still quite a bit that will rattle your nervous system. There is an awareness with Sun sextile Saturn that you have to put in hard work and effort to reach and enjoy the benefits of having what you want. Negative feelings and thoughts can creep in but with Mercury sextile Mars you will be able to dissect the underlying reasons for your negative thinking and feelings of unease.

Take things SLOWLY at this Full Moon because everything could be happening very quickly. Stay Present and grounded. Pause before making a decision or reacting. Consider what you value and how much you already have before you get stuck on how things ‘should’ be. Don’t let your desire to HAVE override your morals and values. Be willing to change and grow. You may be stuck deeper in the mud than you realized and this is just the Full Moon to pull you right out!


ARIES– Dreams, Caring for the Disadvantaged and Less Fortunate, Connection to God, Spirituality and the Universe, Subconscious Mind, Hidden Faults, Behind the Scenes, Hospitals, Prisons & Karmic Debt.

TAURUS– Self, Physical Body, Head, Your Mask/Facade, Persona and what Others See of us, Life Force, How you exert your Will, Personality & Identity.

GEMINI– Values, Self-Worth/Self-Esteem, How we Own or Possess, Material Possessions & Money Earned.

CANCER– Learning, Teaching/Teachers, Thinking, Searches, Investigation, Inquiries, Gossip, Brothers/Sisters, Neighbors, Short Trips, Communication & Networking

LEO– Home, Real Estate/Property, Your Family, Foundation, Where you hold things in, Past Conditioning, Emotions, Internal World, and Parents-particularly the Mother.

VIRGO– Self-Expression, Self-Consciousness, Pride, Fun, Hobbies, Recognition, Limelight, Love, Romance, Creativity & Creative Projects, Sports, Risk & Venture, and Children.

LIBRA– Health, Daily Habits & Routines, Service, Maintenance, Preservation, Taking care of the Body, Criticism, Craft, Purification, Work & Co-workers, Practice, Application, and Organization.

SCORPIO– Partnerships and Relationships, Marriage & Business Partnerships, Yoga, Unity, Harmony, Politics & Legal Contracts, Counseling, and Cooperation.

SAGITTARIUS– Death & Rebirth, Transformation, Intensity, Intimacy and merging with another, Financial Union, Secrets, Inheritance, Attachments, Psychological Inquiry, What you need from others, Joint Finances & Sex.

CAPRICORN– Higher Mind, Higher Education, Philosophy, Religion, Beliefs, Search for Truth and Meaning, Foreigners/Foreign Land, Expansion & Growth, Long Distance Travel, Visions for the Future, Law, and Wanderlust.

AQUARIUS–  Career, Life Direction, Your Role in Society, Highest Aspirations, Responsibility, Authority, Government, Judges, Police/Law Enforcement, Public Reputation, and Parents-particularly the Father.

PISCES– Community, Groups and Teams, Humanity and Humanitarianism, Social Circle, Friends, Hopes & Wishes, Putting your vision into Action, Identification with a Cause.

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Fm TAurus Gemstones

Citrine~ releasing the unhealthy uses, feelings, and habits around money  Black Tourmaline~ Time for releasing, purging, and, dispelling unhealthy habits  Larvakite(Black Labradorite) ~ Connecting to Moon energies, protective and grounding highly intuitive  Lepidolite~ attracting healthy love and releasing anxieties

© Written by J-Ma, Cosmic Yoga Coach

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