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5:28pm {pacific time}

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ALL New Moons have the strongest effect on us 3 days prior and up to 3 days after

The Moon is New in Capricorn at 15°, in the sign of the Sea Goat, on Saturday, January 5th, at 5:28pm {pst}
New Moons are a time of starting over, new beginnings, taking action steps towards your dreams and goals, creating and renewal!



This is the first ECLIPSE of 2019! A Solar Eclipse is a time where the moon blocks the light of the sun for a period of time. During this time our solar energy is blocked. Habits and personality traits have the opportunity to be wiped clean. A fresh start is possible in a bigger way as the Solar Eclipse adds extra power to the New Moon’s energy. This is A COSMIC RESET and your chance to WIPE THE SLATE CLEAN. This is your Solar Detoxification!

This New Moon is connected to the Sun in Capricorn. Anytime there is a New Moon it is directly connected {Conjunct} to the Sun. Capricorn energy is Serious, Careful, Practical, Competent, Structured, Dependable, Reserved, Ambitious, Goal-Oriented, Patient, Productive, Disciplined, Sophisticated, and Humurous in a dry kind of way. It can also bring about Misery, Doubt, Loneliness, Grudges, Rigidity, Pessimism, Insecurity, Limitations, Depression, and Narrow Mindedness.


In what way or in what areas of life do you need to GROW UP?
Can you choose emotional maturity before overreacting?
Will you allow yourself to be vulnerable in order to make progress?

Emotional Maturity is required at the time of the New Moon Eclipse. You could feel in some way that you are deprived of what is needed emotionally and or literally/physically. You will need to be disciplined and dependable now as others may be looking to you for advice or support or you may be seeking this out from another. Relationships can feel emotionally strained and you will need to be vulnerable now in order to find the nurturing and comfort you need. Structures need to be put in place or tended to. You could be recognized for your hard work and receive rewards for your achievements. But this depends on the choices you have made over the past year, during 2018. If there are lessons that weren’t learned, overlooked, or neglected you could reap the consequences now. Whatever the struggle you will need to keep your composure, remain patient, and derive the lesson from the obstacle.

The Sun/Moon conjunct Pluto adds to your Personal Power and magnetism and your ability to persuade will be higher than usual. Just don’t let your desire to control or manipulate run away with you. You are very investigative now and anything requiring massive focus or in depth research will go really well. However, try not to come off as too controlling or interrogating as this could offend or take others off guard causing unnecessary power struggles. There could be some drama or upset at the time of this New Moon Solar Eclipse. Or at least some definite responsibilities that need to be handled or burdensome news/happenings. Focus on your transformation. How can you rise above? What can you grow from? You can see more deeply into yourself and the inner workings of what is driving your life and ambitions. It’s as if you are peering into the darkness, into your Soul. It’s your opportunity to shed some light, to clean up any messes, and to grow up in some way. Jealousy and guilt will need to be dealt with.

To add to this the Sun/Moon are sextile Neptune which only increases sensitivity and psychic impressions. This also helps us to deepen our connection in our relationships as needed. This will help you to have empathy for others as well as they find the strength to express their deepest feelings. Greater self-understanding and understanding in general is possible. Self-Reflection, Meditation, and Daily Devotion is a great way to begin this New Year and New Moon Eclipse. You can see where you are held back or your resources are limited but you also have the vision to see your dreams and the possibilities.

All senses are highly stimulated around the time of this NM Eclipse and you will be feeling irritable and touchy. It’s important to stay open-minded and not become to rigid in your thinking or behavior. There’s always a possibility of being too stern or cold and closed off. You also have the ability to be sweet, tuned in, compassionate, and caring. If you pause first, you will know exactly what needs to be said or done and you can do it in a way that is direct but also thoughtful. If you find yourself getting too serious, feeling weighed down, and judgment or a negative mindset seems to be taking over, GO DO SOMETHING YOU ENJOY. Interact with others who uplift you. Give yourself credit for everything you have already accomplished.



ARIES– Career, Life Direction, Your Role in Society, Highest Aspirations, Responsibility, Authority, Government, Judges, Police/Law Enforcement, Public Reputation, and Parents-particularly the Father

TAURUS– Higher Mind, Higher Education, Philosophy, Religion, Beliefs, Search for Truth and Meaning, Foreigners/Foreign Land, Expansion & Growth, Long Distance Travel, Visions for the Future, Law, and Wanderlust.

GEMINI– Death & Rebirth, Transformation, Intensity, Intimacy and merging with another, Financial Union, Secrets, Inheritance, Attachments, Psychological Inquiry, What you need from others, Joint Finances & Sex

CANCER– Partnerships and Relationships, Marriage & Business Partnerships, Yoga, Unity, Harmony, Politics & Legal Contracts, Counseling, and Cooperation

LEO– Health, Daily Habits & Routines, Service, Maintenance, Preservation, Taking care of the Body, Criticism, Craft, Purification, Work & Co-workers, Practice, Application, and Organization.

VIRGO– Self-Expression, Self-Consciousness, Pride, Fun, Hobbies, Recognition, Limelight, Love, Romance, Creativity & Creative Projects, Sports, Risk & Venture, and Children.

LIBRA– Home, Real Estate/Property, Your Family, Foundation, Where you hold things in, Past Conditioning, Emotions, Internal World, and Parents-particularly the Mother.

SCORPIO– Learning, Teaching/Teachers, Thinking, Searches, Investigation, Inquiries, Gossip, Brothers/Sisters, Neighbors, Short Trips, Communication & Networking

SAGITTARIUS– Values, Self-Worth/Self-Esteem, What we Own or Possess, Material Possessions & Money Earned

CAPRICORN– Self, Physical Body, Head, Your Mask/Facade, Persona and what Others See of us, Life Force, How you exert your Will, Personality & Identity

AQUARIUS–  Dreams, Caring for the Disadvantaged and Less Fortunate, Connection to God, Spirituality and the Universe, Subconscious Mind, Hidden Faults, Behind the Scenes, Hospitals, Prisons & Karmic Debt

PISCES– Community, Groups and Teams, Humanity and Humanitarianism, Social Circle, Friends, Hopes & Wishes, Putting your vision into Action, Identification with a Cause.

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