“…I was searching for something, not really sure of what it was I needed that day when I walked into the studio. I had never done yoga before… All I knew is that I was burnt out, sick with stress and overwhelmed with life and its day-to-day struggles. With her wonderful teaching and guidance she has changed my life. I can honestly say…wholeheartedly that since that day we first met, I have become a better mother, a better wife and a better nurse. Thanks Jordan…you’ve not only shined a light upon my life but onto many others through me. You’re the best!!” 

~ Nicole Ballantyne RN, CNRN-Barrow Neurological Center – St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center

Whether you attend one of Jordan’s yoga classes (online or in person), you’ll find the cosmic calm you seek! I’ve taken several classes with her, and have also applied some of her mantras/mudras. On a spiritual, emotional and mental level, I’m more centered, calm and in touch with my intuition. On a physical level, I’ve notice I’ve greater lung capacity/stamina on hikes and a stronger ability to hold a note while singing in my car.

~ Amy Juneau/Copy & Content Writer, Jewelry Designer and Wardrobe Stylist