LUNARology: FULL Moon Yoga

A Sacred Ceremony

 at Mystic Harmony Yoga Boutique in Prescott, AZ!

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photo by Charles Harn

$30 Day of Workshop

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We will flow through Moon Salutations in an all Levels practice designed to sync with the rhythms of the moon. Set a specific intention and come closer to releasing what no longer serves your highest good.

Understand what this month’s particular Full Moon represents and the changing energies, messages & lessons that it brings you each month. Chanting, Moon rituals, Moon Salutations and more!

Each month at the Full Moon you are given the opportunity to Cleanse & Let Go.

From the day of the Full Moon up until the New Moon we are in a period called the Waning Moon where the momentum begins to fade. Your focus moves inward as you reflect and take a look at what you set into motion at the New Moon that is now coming to completion. This period allows you to reflect into your self and reset your innerworld. It’s a time of Letting Go. Cleansing, releasing and healing are important at this time and supported by the Universe.

What have you been avoiding letting go of? 

What is holding you back and needs to be released?

NOW is the time!

You have the opportunity to complete a cycle, pattern or habit that no longer serves you so you are prepared for the opportunities at the next New Moon.

Take Time for self reflection. YOU ARE FULLY SUPPORTED.

It’s time to receive and release!


New Moon ONLINE Ceremony is back!!! :)



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The New Moon is about New Beginnings, starting over, and setting CLEAR intentions for what you want to create. Magic Rituals, Naam Yoga Therapy and Breathing Exercises, and Mantra Meditation to help you create EXACTLY what you want in your life!


Did you know your Zodiac Sign can affect your Yoga practice?!

YogaSTARology: Intro to Astro-Asana Workshop



2013 ~ 2014 ~ 2015

A workshop designed to provide a clearer understanding of the basics of Astrology. Understand the Astrological Wheel, Signs and what each house represents. Learn about the Sun Signs, their Ruling planets, what the Rising and Moon sign represent!

The Astrological Signs are linked to different parts of the human body & your health. Find out what specific house in your chart pertains to your health, how the placement of the Astrological signs in your Star Chart could affect your health and how practicing Yoga specific to your sign and Star chart can help keep you healthy!